Become a part of the broad & multi-cultural Erasmus Student Network by volunteering at ESN Södertörn during your studies at Södertörn University. The available opportunities are:

  • Mentor: 1 week
  • Active Member: 1 month
  • Board Member: 1 year
  • Ambassador: flexible

Welcoming incoming exchange students

Want to practice another language or perhaps ask someone what its like to study abroad? This is an excellent opportunity to do so. Socialize with people from abroad and gain relevant insight into different cultures, without even having to leave Sweden ("internationalization at home"). 

Become a Mentor and welcome all of our international exchange students during the beginning of each semester, "Welcome Week".

  • When: The first week of each semester 
  • Where: Mainly around Campus Flemingsberg 
  • Why: Because its fun! A whole week of parties and other activities! 
  • Who: Anyone with a positive energy and at least some fluency in English. 
  • What: "Ok, but what responsibilities would I have?" Mainly being present during the week and providing a welcoming enviroment.
  • How: Apply through our link: NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT DUE TO COVID-19. Feel free to check again next semester.

The first week of each semester is the most important week for a new student at Södertörn University. Even more so when you are from another country and need to orientate yourself. Therefore as a Mentor, we make sure to be there every step of the way, during those critical few days.

We will mainly be around Campus Flemingsberg and Björnkulla, Huddinge, the area around which most of Södertörn University's exchange students live during their stay here in Sweden. However, we strive to arrange activities elsewhere around Stockholm. This includes our traditional trip to IKEA where we get to try the famous Swedish meatballs, as well as get any items needed, but not provided by the student accommodation.

In Swedish: Bli fadder för inkommande utbytesstudenter.

Arrange events, parties & workshops

Do you have any hobbies, interest or leisure activities that you are passionate about? Want to share it with others? This is an excellent opportunity to do so. Socialize with people from abroad and gain relevant insight into different cultures, without even having to leave Sweden ("internationalization at home"). 

Become an Active Member and help us arrange events, parties & workshops related to the six causes of ESN.

The six causes of ESN are:

  1. Culture
  2. Education & Youth
  3. Environmental Sustainability
  4. Health & Well-being
  5. Skills & Employability
  6. Social Inclusion

For examples of previous events related to each cause, feel free to click the links above.

When: During a whole month.  Where: Anywhere our members are. Why: It's a wonderful opportunity to contribute towards a great cause.  Who:  We are looking for someone who can work in a team and wants to create activities that anyone can enjoy. What: Any idea related to the above causes, the possibilies are endless. It could be one big event at the end of the month, or several smaller ones. How: During the planning stage, start by co-ordinating with our Event Manager and Treasurer. Then during the marketing phase, with our Media and Communication Manager.

In Swedish: Bli aktiv medlem och organisera projekt.

Board Member: oversee everything

The roles of the board are:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Events Manager
  6. Media Manager
  7. Communication Manager
  8. Local Representative
In Swedish: Bli styrelsemedlem och överse hela ESN Södertörn.


Short-term Ambassador: parties & trips

Become an ambassador for ESN Sea Battle

Become an ambassador for our trips with TimeTravels.

Long-term Ambassador: six causes of ESN

Health & Wellbeing: Become a part of the Party Squad as an ambassador for the ESN project "Responsible Party".

Education & Youth: Become an ambassador for the ESN project "Mov'in Europe".

Social Inclusion: Become an ambassador for the ESN project "ExchangeAbility".