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Entrepreneurial Experience Programme

Join us for one of our entrepreneurial skills Schools in Milan, Cologne, The Hague and Barcelona!

WHAT IS ENT-EX? It is a 3-day interactive workshop to help young people develop entrepreneurial skills. Networking: young professionals (freelancers, starting entrepreneurs and employees) and students working together with successful entrepreneurs to find out what skills have made them successful and how to develop them.

HOW DO WE WORK? By a ‘learning by doing’ method you will develop key life skills such as effective networking, project management, creative problem solving and team working. You will get direct coaching & first-hand experience from experienced entrepreneurs.


  • You’re an ambitious young professional or student ready to launch your career
  • Your background doesn't matter as long as you’re willing to get involved and learn
  • Max. 30 participants per venue

Launch your career: develop your ideas, practice networking, find collaborators and interesting partners... and maybe even a job!